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About Us

Growing with Time

The penal system in Hong Kong has a history of over 180 years. In this long stream of time, numerous reforms and developments took place in response to the economic, political, judicial and social changes of Hong Kong at different points of time. The history of the penal system hence becomes an indispensable part of the history of Hong Kong.

Correctional Services in Perspective

The museum is housed in a two-storey building next to the parade ground of Hong Kong Correctional Services Academy in Stanley. It has an area of 480 square meters with a collection of some 600 artefacts. The museum comprises ten galleries with one mock gallows and two mock cells.  A mock guard tower stands on top of the building, which highlights the theme of the museum.

Themes of the Ten Galleries:

1  Punishment and Imprisonment

2, 3  Prisons History and Development

4  Inside Prisons

5  Staff Uniform, Insignia and Accoutrement

6  Vietnamese Boat People

7  Home Made Weapons and Unauthorized Articles

8  Correctional Services and National Security

9  Industries and Vocational Training Section

10 Local and International Collaboration and Exchange


Situated in the annex building, the new Community Education Experience Centre, based on the theme ‘Home‧Nation‧Corrections’, showcases the CSD’s relations with our country and Hong Kong, and introduces the Department’s education programmes for youngsters. Outside the centre is a 200-square-metre viewing platform for visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tai Tam Bay. With the glorious history complementing with the gorgeous natural scenery, visitors would be thrilled for sure to have a rewarding journey.

Museum Front View

Community Education Experience Centre

Interior of Community Education Experience Centre

Museum Open Area

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