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Industries Units


In 2015, a daily average of 4 244 persons in custody engaged at various types of productive work in about 130 workshops located at different correctional institutions generating a total of HK$439.9 million commercial value of products and services. The products and services are supplied to government departments and tax-supported organizations, and hence bring an incidental benefit of saving public money.


The Industries Units provide work opportunities and engage persons in custody in useful work which reduces their idleness and tension, and therefore contributes to institutional stability. Providing offenders with basic trade skills and real world work environment also help them develop good work habit and healthy lifestyle, understand responsibilities and teamwork which enhances their employabilities and facilitates their rehabilitation.


Industries Unit 1 - Garment, Knitting, Leather Products, Filter Mask

Industries Unit 2 – Sign Making, Printing, Bookbinding, Envelope Making, Precast Concrete Products, Simple Manual Work

Industries Unit 3 – Carpentry, Laundry Services, Metalwork, Fibreglass Products

Quality Policy Statement

"We are dedicated to providing quality products & services to customers so as to secure suitable work for persons in custody.

We address customer needs in an active and professional manner.

We foster an organizational culture of quality improvement and provide quality management training to persons in custody.

We benchmark international quality standards and promote knowledge management through corporate spirit."

Customer Focus

We are conscious of the need to upkeep the confidence of our customers through quality assurance, effective communication and close working relationship. As a continuous effort to enhance customer satisfaction, we also collaborate with the end-users in looking for ways to improve the designs and features of our products. Comprehensive quality assurance systems are set up in all production centres to monitor the production processes so as to ensure that the required quality standards are achieved.

Continual Improvement

We always strive for continual improvement to enhance product quality, customer services and business operation in coping with the fast-moving market environment and increasing customers’ demand. We also provide value-added services and total solutions to our clients such as building up an emergency linen stock for Hospital Authority to combat the possible outbreak of community epidemic diseases.

To demonstrate our commitments to quality and meeting customers’ demand, all the Commercial Laundries and Sign-making Workshop have obtained certification to the internationally recognized Quality Management System – ISO 9001.

Application of Modern Technology

Our core information system, the Job Costing System (JCS) has been re-developed and it yields shorter cost recovery workflow for streamlining the liquidity of our suspense account.

We also keep on applying new technologies to our workshops to improve work processes and product quality. Persons in custody can keep pace with the rapidly changing world through daily work which facilitates their reintegration into the society. Examples are the use of advanced design software in the Graphic Media Workshops and the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines in Carpentry and Sign-making Workshops.

Staff Training and Development

We place significant emphasis on staff training and development. Staff members are provided with opportunities to acquire up-to-date knowledge through attending different training courses, workshops, seminars and visits which equip them with necessary skills to face new challenges. An easily accessible Knowledge Management System (KMS) in our departmental portal is widely used by staff for obtaining the products specifications, quality management system, OSH issue and relevant training materials, etc.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

The Departmental OSH Steering Committee continues its leading role in the promotion of OSH and co-ordination of all related activities. OSH committee meetings, risk assessments, safety reviews and seminars are conducted regularly throughout the year for continual improvement of work environment. The Policy Statement on OSH has also been reviewed to promulgate the steering actions and enhance staff awareness in this aspect.

Green Initiatives

We are committed to care and protect our environment. We have formulated green policy and measures on the basis of 3R principle – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We emphasize on minimizing production waste during work operations and reducing unnecessary materials such as packaging materials for finished products. We work together with our clients to collect carton boxes for reuse. The use of environmental friendly and recycled raw materials, such as recycled paper and low volatile organic compound (VOC) printing inks in our printing business and recycled glass aggregates in tactile slabs, are also green initiatives being adopted.