About The Museum

The Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum (HKCSM) is situated next to the parade ground of the Hong Kong Correctional Services Academy in Stanley, the museum is housed in a two-storey building with an area of about 480 square metres where more than 600 artefacts and numerous historical photos are displayed. The museum takes visitors on a journey through the historical development of Hong Kong's penal system and gives visitors a glimpse into the prison settings. There are one mock gallows and two mock cells inside the museum. Together with a mock guard tower that stands on the top of the building and the old prison walls in the outside garden, visitors are just like walking through a time tunnel towards the history of the correctional services in Hong Kong.

Situated in the annex building, the new Community Education Experience Centre, based on the theme 'Home‧Nation‧Corrections', showcases the Correctional Services Department's relations with our country and Hong Kong, and introduces the Department's education programmes for youngsters.

About the Correctional Services Department (CSD)

Come and find out our duties.

Gallery Introduction

When it comes to prisons, the image of huge concrete and brick structures with high barrier walls and numerous gates which are heavily guarded naturally comes to mind. But what is actually inside a prison? And what facilities are inside there? Where does the history of the evolution of prison begin? Visit our galleries and you can find out the answers.

With a history spanning over 100 years, the CSD's development over the years will be showcased through precious historical pictures.

Community Education Experience Centre
Smart Prison

The Department has been proactively developing the "Smart Prison" through the implementation of innovation and technology strategies with a view to promoting the modernisation of correctional facilities, enhancing the efficiency of prison management, the level of security and the effectiveness of rehabilitation programmes. You can learn more about the development of "Smart Prison" in the following section.