To support National Security Education Day on April 15, the Correctional Services Department (CSD) held an open day at the Hong Kong Correctional Services Academy (HKCSA) on April 13 to raise public awareness of national security and enhance public understanding of the CSD's work in safeguarding national security.

The open day featured a variety of programmes. Game booths and exhibitions on national security, the Constitution and the Basic Law were set up to help members of the public to learn more about the importance of safeguarding national security and the CSD's commitment to preventing and defending against national security risks through interactive engagement. Visitors also enjoyed various performances by the department, including a Chinese-style foot drill demonstration by the Guard of Honour, a music performance by the Marching Band and demonstrations by the Dog Unit and the Regional Response Team.

In addition, the Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum, the Community Education Experience Centre, the "Rehabilitation Express" (RehEx) promotion vehicle and the "smart training" facilities were open for members of the public to deepen their understanding of the CSD's work and efforts in promoting community education. With the theme of "Home, Country and Correction", the Community Education Experience Centre features interactive games and multimedia items to promote to the public, especially young people, national security, national education, the message of leading a law-abiding and drug-free life as well as supporting offender rehabilitation. The RehEx promotion vehicle visits primary schools in various districts every month to enhance students' awareness of national security, sense of responsibility and correct values, and to teach them to safeguard the country and home, and become law-abiding citizens through the interactive electronic games installed in the vehicle.

The Secretary for Justice, Mr Paul Lam, SC, the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, and the Under Secretary for Security, Mr Michael Cheuk, also attended the event. Accompanied by the Commissioner of Correctional Services, Mr Wong Kwok-hing, they enjoyed the performances and visited the game booths and exhibitions with different themes.

The CSD, as the last element in the criminal justice system, will continue to ensure prison stability, in an effort to safeguard national sovereignty.