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Indoor Air Quality of Correctional Services Department (CSD)’s Offices or Public Places

Environment Protection Department had launched the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification Scheme to promote and commend good IAQ management practice. Offices or public places served by mechanical ventilation and air conditioning (MVAC) systems (excluding window-type air-conditioners or split-type air-conditioners) are eligible to join the Scheme.

CSD joined the certification scheme in 2015. CSD’s eligible premises having obtained the “Excellent” or "Good" IAQ Class certification under the scheme are listed below :

I) Excellent

  1. Tai Lam Centre for Women - Complex Block
  2. Tai Lam Centre for Women - Multi-purpose Block
  3. Tai Lam Centre for Women - Remand Block

II) Good

  1. Lo Wu Correctional Institution- Operation Blocks (Block A2, B2, C2 and D)
  2. Stanley Prison - Administration Block
  3. Pak Sha Wan Correctional Institution
  4. Hong Kong Correctional Services Academy
  5. Officers' Club, CSD
  6. CSD Staff Club
  7. Tai Lam Correctional Institution - Administration Block
  8. Stanley Prison- Staff Barrack Block A- Staff Mess & Canteen
  9. Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum & Annex
  10. Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution – Block 1 & 2
  11. Lo Wu Correctional Institution- Staff Block
  12. Tai Lam Centre for Women - New Administration Block
  13. Tai Lam Correctional Institution - Visit Room and Office on G/F
  14. Stanley Prison - Area B (Multifunction Complex)
  15. CSD Central Supplies Unit in Honour Industrial Centre