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Publicity Activities


Publicity Activities for Offender Rehabilitation in 2018-19

Since 1999, the Correctional Services Department (CSD) has organised a series of publicity and public education activities to appeal for public acceptance of and community support for rehabilitated offenders. The community’s response to CSD’s publicity campaign has been encouraging. The public is increasingly aware of the need for collaborative efforts to facilitate offender rehabilitation. Many community organisations, employers and merchant / trade associations have expressed interest in co-operating with CSD in pursuing projects to facilitate offenders’ re-integration into the community. The major activities and programmes organised in recent years include-

  1. TV and radio Announcements in the Public Interest (APIs) appealing for community support for rehabilitated offenders;
  2. Competitions displaying the talents of persons in custody such as lyrics and songs competition and calligraphy competition etc;
  3. TV docu-drama "The Road Back" based on the stories of persons in custody and rehabilitated offenders as well as TV drama series "Tomorrow is Another Day" with CSD’s work as the theme;
  4. TV variety shows such as "Support Offender Rehabilitation for a Safer and More Inclusive Society";
  5. Rehabilitation Pioneer Project launched in September 2008, to disseminate to the youth the messages of leading a law abiding and drug-free life as well as supporting offender rehabilitation through a series of community education activities;
  6. District-based publicity activities co-organised with District Fight Crime Committees;
  7. Employment symposiums to promote fair employment opportunities for rehabilitated offenders; and
  8. Certificate presentation ceremonies to publicise the efforts and good results of persons in custody in pursuing education and personal development.


In 2018-19, the Department has planned the following publicity activities -

Planned Activities Date
For students and youth
  • Rehabilitation Pioneer Project (RPP) includes the following community education activities:
    • Education talks;
    • Personal Encounter with Prisoners Scheme;
    • Green Haven Scheme;
    • Visits to the Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum;
    • Student Forum;
    • Extended Training Camp;
    • Drama and music performance of “Creation and Rehabilitation”;
    • The Reflective Path;
    • Summer Camp; and
    • Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders
For district organisations
  • Briefing for District Fight Crime Committees (DFCCs) on the 2018-19 district-based publicity campaign for offender rehabilitation
July 2018 onwards
  • District-based publicity activities co-organised with DFCCs
For employers
  • Institutional visits for employers
  • Employment support projects co-organised with interested merchant/trade associations
  • Continued cooperation and publicity for social enterprise project which provides employment opportunities for rehabilitated offenders
  • Employment Symposium for Rehabilitated Offenders
June 2018
For general public
  • Continued broadcast of TV & Radio APIs
  • Continued display of posters and giant wall banners
  • CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group Award Presentation Ceremony
July 2018
  • “Women who shine through the wall” - Exhibition of Therapeutic Drawings by Female Persons in Custody
September 2018
  • Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Cape Collinson Correctional Institution
September 2018
  • Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Lai King Correctional Institution
October 2018
  • Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Shek Pik Prison
November 2018
  • Thank-you NGO Month
December 2018
  • NGO Forum
December 2018
  • Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Pik Uk Correctional Institution
December 2018
  • Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo
December 2018
  • Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Stanley Prison
January 2019
  • Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution
February 2019
  • Certificate Presentation Ceremony at Lo Wu Correctional Institution
March 2019
  • Hong Kong Flower Show
March 2019


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