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Use of Body Worn Camera

The Correctional Services Department (CSD) is committed to adopting technological applications to enhance institutional security and discipline, as well as to protect the safety of the public, our staff and the persons in custody. CSD completed a half-year trial run in 2015 on the use of Body Worn Camera (BWC) with satisfactory result.

BWC is currently used to assist our staff in handling incidents during routine work, such as incidents that involve violence, contrabands, self-harm or resistant behaviour, etc. within penal institutions and its jurisdiction. It is also deployed to be used by staff of Multi-purpose Family and Rehabilitation Service Centre and the Escort and Support Group, and may be used by supervising staff in recalling those supervisees who have breached supervision requirements to penal institutions during operations.

BWC will be used in an open and transparent manner while our staff are allowed to obtain valid footage through recording during incidents. Thus, useful information can be provided for subsequent investigation, prosecution or complaint, etc.

Wearing of Body Worn Camera (1) Wearing of Body Worn Camera (2)
Wearing of Body Worn Camera (3) Wearing of Body Worn Camera (4)

CSD, as a data user, will take all necessary steps to comply with the provisions of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance when collecting personal data, such as the footage will be encrypted and can only be played with the designated device etc. Lastly, under ordinary circumstances, the footage will be disposed after 31 days from the date of capture to ensure that no excessive personal data will be kept by CSD.

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