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Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle

Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle Campaign

The Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle Campaign is launched to provide a wide range of healthy activities for our colleagues : sporting activities / departmental activities are organized through Correctional Services Department Sports Association to help colleagues build up a strong physique and promote team spirit; family fun days and parent-child activities are arranged to promote healthy and balanced lifestyle and strengthen family and parent-child relationship; colleagues are encouraged to attend thematic workshops to enhance their abilities to cope with adversities. After all, they are urged to contribute to society by participating in community and voluntary services arranged by the Oi Kwan Volunteer Group. The Department also promotes lifelong learning for self-actualization and personal development. Apart from shouldering up the roles as society guardians and responsible citizens, we strive to instill and develop positive life values among our team players and to help relieve their stress through adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. CSD has set up two Staff Health Centres, each managed by a Clinical Psychologist, located in Stanley and Lai Chi Kok respectively. A webpage for Staff Psychological Services and Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle has been established so that colleagues could get the updated psychological health information easily. Clinical Psychologists (Staff Services) also launch in-service training courses for staff with different seniority regarding stress management and crisis intervention, produce psycho-educational leaflets and videos, and write articles in departmental monthly bulletin, etc. It serves the purpose of spreading the message of “Resilience and Care”, by motivating colleagues to start with self-care, with their positivity inspiring their peers, family members and friends while their care extended to the community.