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Tender & Notice


GLD Tenders

Tender Ref Subject Closing Date
(Hong Kong Time)
There is no GLD Tenders at present.

Please visit the homepage of the Government Logistics Department e-Tender Box for more details.


CSD Tenders

Tender Ref Subject Closing Date
(Hong Kong Time)
There is no CSD Tenders at present.



Contract Award

Tender Ref Particulars Amount/
Contract Award Date
(G.N. 6334)
Supply of the information technology infrastructure ('ITI') and integrated custodial and rehabilitation management system ('iCRMS') for the Correctional Services Department HK$340,611,988.00
29 May 2018

Please visit the homepage of the Government Logistics Department e-Tender Box for contract details.


Market Research

The Correctional Services Department is now conducting a market research with a view to collecting current market information for the following subject:

      Supply of Canteen Items to the Correctional Services Department

Deadline for submission of information will be 17 July 2019.

Interested parties should contact:

Mr Ben SIU
Central Supplies Unit, Correctional Services Department
Unit 2004-9, 20/F, Honour Industrial Centre,
6 Sun Yip Street,
Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
Fax: (852) 2870 0563
Tel: (852) 3188 5079

Please download a copy of relevant document (the Invitation Letter, Proforma & Annex and the last tender document)


If you are able to supply the specified product, please provide the information for our reference.

This market research is meant for collecting information only and should not be construed as the Government’s commitment to order. Any purchase will be subject to tender. In submitting information for this market research, suppliers acknowledge that the Government shall not be liable for any cost or expense so incurred by them.


Application for Inclusion in the CSD Supplier Lists

Interested parties can contact the following units for enquiries relating to application for inclusion in CSD Supplier Lists:-

  1. Central Supplies Unit

    Central Supplies Unit supervises administrative and financial matters relating to procurement, supplies, stores and equipment.  Such purchases include institutional goods and equipment, clothing for persons in custody and staff uniform.

    Units 2004-9, 20/F, Honour Industrial Centre,
    6 Sun Yip Street,
    Chai Wan, Hong Kong
    Telephone: 2718 8774
    Fax no.: 2870 0563

  2. Industries Supplies Office

    Industries Supplies Office is responsible for the procurement and supply of goods and services for workshop production, vocational training and related activities.  Such purchases include raw materials, machinery, industrial goods, transportation services, training courses and related matters.

    27th Floor, Wanchai Tower,
    12 Harbour Road,
    Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    Telephone: 2582 5124
    Fax no.: 2802 4762



General Information

For more information on the procurement matters of the Government of the HKSAR, please visit the homepage of the Finance Bureau - Guide to Procurement of the HKSAR Government.