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Access to Information

The Code on Access to Information defines the scope of information to be provided, stipulates the procedures and time-frame by which such information is to be made available. For a detailed introduction to the Code on Access, please click here.



Requests for information held by the Correctional Services Department (CSD) may be made by application form or obtainable from any District Offices of the Home Affairs Department. Applications should be sent to:

Departmental Secretary
Correctional Services Department
24/F, Wanchai Tower
12 Harbour Road
Hong Kong

For an application of release of personal data under Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, please see here.

The following information is available for public inspection at the Correctional Services Department Headquarters at 24th floor, Wanchai Tower, 12 Harbour Road, Hong Kong :



A charge reflecting the cost of reproducing the records requested may be levied. Applicants will be informed in advance of the charge and will be free to pursue or withdraw the request. In accordance with the provisions in the Accounting Circular No. 3/2023 of 10 November 2023, the following standard charges (for black and white copy) shall be applied with effect from 24 November 2023. For general photocopying service:

  • A4 size paper at $1.5 per copy; and
  • A3 size paper at $1.6 per copy.
    (Note: Photocopying made on both sides of a sheet is counted as two copies)


The above fee is subject to review.



For enquiries on the application of this Code, please call 2582 5187 during office hours. General enquiries on the work of the Department should be directed to 2511 3511.


Disclosure Log

The disclosure log provides summary description of the nature of information requested and released under the Code on Access to Information ("Code") by this department. The disclosure log will be updated on a quarterly basis.

If any member of the public wishes to obtain any information listed in the disclosure log, an information request should be made to our Access to Information Officer. Such requests will be handled in accordance with the Code.