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Industries & Vocational Training

On 2 February 2009, the Correctional Services Industries (CSI) was reorganised and merged with the Vocational Training Unit to form the Industries & Vocational Training (I&VT) Section under the Rehabilitation Division. After the reorganisation, the I&VT Section comprises 3 Industries Units and 1 Vocational Training Unit. The Industries Units continue to manage industrial operations. Through providing a wide range of quality goods and services to the public market, persons in custody can develop good working habits and contribute to society during their imprisonment. Besides, the Vocational Training Unit provides vocational training for both young and adult persons in custody to help them acquire accredited skills and obtain recognised qualifications for enhancing their post-release employability. The provision of meaningful work and vocational training, coupled with other rehabilitative programmes and measures, aims at facilitating rehabilitation and social reintegration of persons in custody, which is conducive to building a safer and more inclusive society.