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"Rehabilitation Partners" Award Scheme

  • Promoting collaboration among the Government, the business sector and the community to provide support for rehabilitated persons to re-integrate into society through mobilising different resources in the community
  • Encouraging more community stakeholders to join the scheme through giving recognition to our “rehabilitation partners” in order to disseminate the message of “supporting offender rehabilitation” in the community
  • Rehabilitation activities cover all voluntary rehabilitation services conducive to the rehabilitation of persons in custody, e.g. services within correctional institutions, assistance for re-integration into society and employment support for rehabilitated persons, etc.
  • The Correctional Services Department will, according to the assessment criteria, select organisations or individuals for the awards of “Outstanding Rehabilitation Partner” and “Rehabilitation Partner” and present them with commendation trophies to recognise their contributions.
  • The “Rehabilitation Partner” logo may be displayed at awardees’ offices, websites or letterheads/name cards, etc. within two years after the receipt of awards, to enable the community to know about their solid support for rehabilitated offenders and contributions made to offender rehabilitation.
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Assessment Criteria

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