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Psychological Services

Introduction to psychological service

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Psychological services are provided for inmates with a view to improve their institutional adjustment and general mental health as well as to change their offending behaviours.


Functions and Services Provided

Psychological evaluation is provided for courts and review boards to facilitate their decision making. Counselling services are provided to inmates with emotional and behavioural problems. According to risks and needs evaluation, structured programmes matching re-offending risks are arranged for eligible inmates or prisoners. These include treatment programmes for sex offenders and offenders with substance abuse problems. Violence prevention programmes are arranged for adult offenders. In 2011, Psychological Services Section set up PSY GYM - Personal Growth and Emotion Treatment Centre for Women, to provide psychological treatment programme tailor made for female prisoners. Offending Behaviour Programme is conducted for young offenders to facilitate development of pro-social values and attitudes and to change their offending behaviours. As part of the parent-inmate programme, talks and audio-visual materials are presented to encourage involvement of the offender's family in the rehabilitation process. Research projects are conducted to better understand the psychological make-up of offenders and to improve programme effectiveness.





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