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Photo of the Commissioner of Correctional Services

Welcome to the Homepage of the Correctional Services Department (CSD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The mission of the CSD is to protect the public and prevent crime for a better Hong Kong by providing a secure, safe, humane, decent and healthy environment for persons in custody, creating rehabilitation opportunities in collaboration with community stakeholders and promoting law-abiding and inclusive values through community education.

With Hong Kong embarking on a new era of advancing from stability to prosperity, we will continue to stand steadfast at our posts, uphold the principle of good governance, and exert our utmost to accomplish the mission of safeguarding national security. In addition, we will endeavour to tell good stories about the CSD and Hong Kong through introducing new initiatives on custodial work, rehabilitation and community education.

On custodial work, the CSD will continue to utilise innovative technologies to promote the high-quality development of penal management, and to proactively introduce electronic services for the convenience of the public. The Department will also strengthen professional exchanges with its counterparts in the Greater Bay Area and around the world not only to promote cross-territory collaboration, but also to enable our counterparts from different places to know about the unique advantages and latest developments of Hong Kong’s correctional system.

On rehabilitation work, the Department has been making its best endeavours to reinforce its partnership with stakeholders from various sectors to jointly introduce more diversified and effective rehabilitation programmes to facilitate the transformation of those gone astray into a driving force of community building, thereby building a more stable and harmonious society. Capitalising on Hong Kong’s unique advantage of bridging East and West, the CSD will collaborate with renowned international experts and step up liaison with Mainland authorities to strengthen its capability in conducting research on rehabilitation, with a view to enhancing the development and strategic planning of its rehabilitation services.

As regards community education, the CSD will work with other relevant departments to launch more publicity campaigns to promote crime prevention and anti-drug messages, with a view to nurturing a new generation of law-abiding young people. The CSD will also spare no effort in encouraging young people to make good use of their status as future pillars of society through unleashing their leadership potential in community education and crime prevention activities. Apart from exerting influence over their young peers, young people will be mobilised to actively take part in various public affairs so as to nurture a caring heart for the community as well as foster devotion to our country and home.

The website provides easy access to the relevant information such as our Vision, Mission and Values statement, organisation chart, history and press releases. It also briefly introduces our work in custodial management and rehabilitation programmes as well as community education and activities co-organised with our partners. We hope that the above information would give you a better understanding of our role in society and help gain your support to the CSD.

We appreciate your interest in our work. Your comments and suggestions on our services are always welcome.


WONG Kwok-hing, CSDSM
Commissioner of Correctional Services