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Photo of the Commissioner of Correctional Services

Welcome to the Homepage of the Correctional Services Department (CSD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The mission of the CSD is to protect the public and prevent crime for a better Hong Kong by providing a secure, safe, humane, decent and healthy environment for persons in custody, creating rehabilitation opportunities in collaboration with community stakeholders and promoting law-abiding and inclusive values through community education.

After riding out the challenges and turmoil over the past few years, Hong Kong is now at the crucial stage of advancing from stability to prosperity. Embracing the new opportunities in this new landscape, apart from building on its past experience in crisis management and guarding the last element of Hong Kong’s criminal justice system fearlessly as always, the CSD, being bold and innovative as well as in constant pursuit of excellence, will move with the times by facilitating its development both internally and externally. Internally, the Department will strengthen staff training on all fronts, in order to keep enhancing its management and professional standard. Meanwhile, the CSD is trying to take forward the development of “Smart Prison” through public-private partnership, so as to inject fresh impetus into the development of a sustainable correctional system. Externally, the Department will continue its approach to reach out to the community further. Through volunteer services and community education, we actively care for the disadvantaged, promote youth development as well as address people’s concerns and difficulties in their daily lives. Besides, we will step up our efforts to maintain close contacts with stakeholders from various sectors, so as to jointly implement more diversified and appropriate rehabilitation programmes to facilitate the transformation of those gone astray into a driving force of community building. Together, we can safeguard the harmony and stability of Hong Kong and our country.

The website provides easy access to the relevant information such as our Vision, Mission and Values statement, organisation chart, history and press releases. It also briefly introduces our work in custodial management and rehabilitation programmes as well as community education and activities co-organised with our partners. We hope that the above information would give you a better understanding of our role in society and help gain your support to CSD.

We appreciate your interest in our work. Your comments and suggestions on our services are always welcome.


WONG Kwok-hing, CSDSM
Commissioner of Correctional Services