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CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group


The "CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group" (RVG) was launched in January 2004. Until now, it has established for more than 18 years. It mainly encourages the public to support and participate in rehabilitation works.


The "CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group" aims to provide appropriate services to both persons in custody and rehabilitated persons in order to help them rehabilitate and re-integrate into society. Volunteers are encouraged to develop and foster their civil responsibility through working with them, thereby reinforcing their sense of missions and understanding of the community.


The main duty of RVG’s members is to conduct a variety of hobby classes for persons in custody in various institutions. A large scale of program has been arranged for persons in custody, such as language courses of Cantonese, Mandarin, English; training on table tennis, basketball, qigong, tai chi and yoga; practicing calligraphy, beauty care, origami, handicraft, balloon twisting and contemporary dance. Also, RVG’s members may conduct courses regarding computer application, oral English, DSE English and Interviewing skills upon demand from individual penal institution.

The RVG participated in different events of the Department with an aim to promote supporting offenders’ rehabilitation. Recently, members of RVG actively contribute in community education programs under the “Rehabilitation Pioneer Project” such as Education Talk, Personal Encountered with Prisoners Scheme, Green Heaven Scheme, the Reflective Path and Extended Training Camp. Through a series of activities, the CSD seeks to disseminate to young people the messages of safe guarding our country and home, leading a law-abiding and drug-free life as well as supporting offender rehabilitation. to the youth and to help to foster a safer and more inclusive society.

Volunteer Training and Development

Training Workshop will be arranged for newly joint members in order to facilitate them with a brief understanding on Correctional Services Department, our rehabilitation program and characteristics of persons in custody. In addition, quarterly seminar as well as annual training workshop will be arranged to establish a common platform which allows members to exchange and share knowledge and experience on volunteer work and rehabilitation service.

Joint Award Presentation Ceremony of “The Oi Kwan Volunteer Group” and “The CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group”

Every year, RVG organizes a joint award presentation ceremony with The Oi Kwan Volunteer Group. It aims to commend and thank all the volunteers since they use their spare time to actively participate in voluntary service and spread love to every corner.

To assure the contribution of members and life on life interaction with persons in custody, Certicificate of Appreciation will be awarded to individual member who actively engage in the rehabilitation of offenders, effectively assist in appealing for public acceptance of and community support for rehabilitated person.


Recipients of 2021 CSDRVG Award are listed as follow :


Members of CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group

The RVG welcomes anyone who is willing to contribute to the community and give your helping hands to person in custody. Currently, volunteers of the RVG comprise from different sectors, such as students, retirees and current workers. Some of them are even professionals, like lawyers, accountants and architects.

For anyone who is over 18 years old and has received post-secondary education and above, interested in participating in this volunteer group, please contact the CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group Office at 2505 1492.

Application Form of the CSD Rehabilitation Volunteer Group (Online Form) (PDF Format)