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Supervision Services

Introduction to Supervision Services

Video (Cantonese with English subtitles)



The primary objectives of the services are two-folded :

  1.  To facilitate inmates’ / prisoners’ rehabilitation and their subsequent reintegration into the community through fostering rapport among inmates / prisoners, their families and the staff; and
  2.  To help inmates / prisoners to lead a law-abiding and industrious life after release.



To ensure continued care and guidance, statutory supervision is provided for inmates released from training, rehabilitation, detention, and drug addiction treatment centres, young persons in custody and prisoners released under the “Release Under Supervision”. “Pre-Release Employment”, “Post-Release Supervision”. “Conditional Release” and “Supervision After Release” Schemes. The rehabilitation staff on supervision duties, with support of the families of inmates / prisoners, establish sound rapport with the inmates / prisoners and prepare them to face the challenges and demands to be expected on their return to the community. Continuous contact is maintained with every inmates / prisoner in the penal institution, and close supervision continues after release through regular visits made to the discharged inmates’ / prisoners’ home or workplace.

Success rate for the supervision programmes is measured by the percentage of supervisees who complete statutory supervision without reconviction. In the case of drug addiction treatment centres, the supervisees must also remain drug-free.





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