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Prisoners' Education Subsidy Fund

In a bid to support inmates to pursue education and vocational training through community involvement and in consideration of the donors' preference to grant financial assistance directly by the money donated, the Department established a fund namely the ‘Prisoners' Education Subsidy Fund’ in March 2009. The Fund focuses on providing financial assistance to needy inmates and persons in custody:

  1. to sit for public examinations;
  2. to cover their course enrolment fees; and
  3. to procure textbooks, reference books and learning aids.


The Department invites applications for financial assistance three times a year.



For enquiry, please contact the Secretary of the Fund, whose telephone number and address are as follows:

Name : Ms CHOI Man-wah
Telephone No : 2834 0706
Address : 4/F, Oi Kwan Court, 28 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
E-mail Address :