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Correctional officers intercept supervisee attempting to provide fake urine specimen

     Correctional officers successfully intercepted a female supervisee attempting to provide a fake urine specimen in the Correctional Services Department Urine Specimen Collection Centre (USCC) yesterday (September 22).

     The 41-year-old female supervisee was released from Nei Kwu Correctional Institution upon completion of drug addiction treatment in June 2014 and was then subject to statutory supervision for 12 months. Yesterday evening, she attended the USCC to provide her urine specimen for a drug test in accordance with the instructions of her supervising officers. Having been found acting suspiciously by the on-duty female correctional officer and subsequently questioned, the supervisee removed a small plastic bottle from her vaginal area by herself and admitted to having attempted to replace her urine specimen with the liquid therein with the intention of passing the drug test.

     The case has been reported to the Police for investigation.

Ends/Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Issued at HKT 18:04