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Correctional officers stop fighting among persons in custody

     Correctional officers stopped a fight between two groups of persons in custody at Tung Tau Correctional Institution yesterday (December 16) afternoon.

     At 5.09pm, an argument broke out between a 25-year-old person in custody and a 28-year-old male person in custody over a trivial matter in a dayroom, which subsequently led to a fight. Another four persons in custody inside the dayroom then joined the fight. Officers at the scene immediately tried to stop the fight and called for reinforcements.

     Reinforcement staff quickly arrived and separated the six persons, who were all taken to the institutional hospital for examination. Two persons in custody sustained injury to their faces. They were transferred to a public hospital for further treatment. One of them has returned to the institution. The other four persons in custody did not need to be transferred to public hospital after receiving treatment in the institutional hospital.

     The case has been reported to Police for investigation.

     The 25-year-old person in custody and 28-year-old person in custody were sentenced to imprisonment for the offences of using an identity card relating to another and trafficking in dangerous drugs respectively. The other four were sentenced to imprisonment for the offences of remaining in Hong Kong unlawfully with employment, breach of condition of stay, robbery and trafficking in dangerous drugs.

Ends/Thursday, December 17, 2015
Issued at HKT 19:22