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Correctional officer stops remand person in custody committing self-harm

     A Correctional officer stopped a male remand person in custody from committing self-harm behaviour by drinking cleaning solvent in Pik Uk Correctional Institution today (February 10).

     At 2.57pm today, while preparing for cleaning the dayroom, a 18-year-old male remand person in custody suddenly drank a small quantity of cleaning solvent. The officer immediately stopped him and sent him to the centre hospital for treatment. Upon receiving examination and treatment from the institution medical officer, he was sent to a public hospital for further examination and treatment.

     A clinical psychologist of the department will follow up on the case.

     A spokesman for the Correctional Services Department said, "The department uses all possible measures to prevent persons in its custody from attempting suicide or self-harm. These measures include administrative arrangements, the improvement of institution facilities, staff training and first aid services."

     The remand person in custody was remanded for the offence of counterfeiting notes or coins with intent in February 2020.

Ends/Monday, February 10, 2020
Issued at HKT 21:45