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Correctional Services Department combats illicit activities

     To curb illicit activities in penal institutions, the Correctional Services Department (CSD) has strengthened intelligence collection and adopted corresponding measures.

     In response to the risk brought by novel coronavirus to correctional facilities in past months, a series of measures have recently been implemented in Tai Lam Correctional Institution to strengthen the supervision on the cleanliness of premises and the personal hygiene of persons in custody. As revealed by intelligence, some persons in custody had grievances over the relevant measures and planned to engage in collective activities with a view to acting against the institution management, who immediately kept the development under close monitoring.

     At around 5pm on March 13 (Friday), a total of 24 male persons in custody lodged a collective complaint expressing grievances that the management raised requirement on the cleanliness of dormitories and personal hygiene, including hairstyle and clothing. Following assessment and detailed planning, the CSD deployed reinforcements and resources to Tai Lam Correctional Institution to conduct searches on target locations and persons. As at today, seven persons in custody suspected of inciting fellow persons in custody to engage in collective illicit activities have been removed from association and put under investigation during the operation. The CSD will continue to closely monitor the development.

     In order to assist persons in custody to rehabilitate in a safe and orderly environment, the CSD spares no effort in combating illicit activities of all kinds in its institutions.

     Tai Lam Correctional Institution is a minimum security prison for the detention of male adult persons in custody who have records of repeated imprisonment.

Ends/Monday, March 16, 2020
Issued at HKT 20:00