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Vocational training enhances employability

June 20, 2012    


     Located on Ma Po Ping Road, Lantau Island, Tong Fuk Correctional Institution is responsible for keeping male adult prisoners. The institution provides vocational training so prisoners can learn professional knowledge in different industries, preparing them for work when they return to society.
     Assistant Commissioner of Correctional Services Tang Ping-ming said the vocational training is market-oriented and gives inmates recognised certificates to help them find jobs after their release.
     The Construction Industry Council, Vocational Training Council, and the Employees Retraining Board are some of the bodies providing training courses to prisoners.
     The training enables them to gain vocational skills and knowledge, and attain public-accredited qualifications to enhance their employability. In the past three years, the total pass rate of vocational qualification is above 90%. In 2012-13, the training places for adult inmates exceeded 1,300.
     The training also provides pre-work counselling, teaching prisoners interview techniques, interpersonal communication skills, and the market situation.

      'Ah-fai', a pseudonym, is 36-year-old. He was sent to the institution for fraud last year.

      He has been training in tiling and Chinese cuisine. He said he loves the catering industry and would like to take up a cooking job after his release next year, and be a role model for his son.
     Ah-fai said he is confident that learning this profession will help get him into the industry, and allow society to accept him.
     Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Chairman Yeung Wai-sing said ex-prisoners are self-disciplined and treasure the chances they receive. He called on employers to accept them and provide them with more opportunities. 



Work experience:  Tong Fuk Correctional Institution provides vocational training to help detainees enhance their employability.