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Correctional Services recruitment set


     The Correctional Services Department plans to recruit 235 staff for the post of Assistant Officer II to work inside its institutions. Those who are physically fit, with good analytical and communications abilities are welcome to apply. (Video)

     New recruits receive 23 weeks of residential training at the Staff Training Institute before passing out. The courses include academic subjects, such as law and psychology. But there is practical coursework, too, that includes self defense, weaponry training and foot drills, designed to boost self confidence and team spirit.

     The training institute facilities include a mock cell for new staff to familiarise themselves with reception procedures. By using a hammer to tap on the iron bars, for example, staff can learn to tell which bar may be damaged from the sound it produces. They also learn to use an extendible pole with a mirror at one end to search for prohibited items such as gambling tools hidden in high corners.

     All Correctional Services staff must undergo weaponry training, but only those in specific posts will carry guns on duty. They learn to use security equipment such as metal detectors and alarm systems. Tactical training teaches them how to use minimum force to handle resistant inmates.

     In recent years, as the number of South Asian inmates has been increasing, the department has hired about 50 non-Chinese staff. They include Fida Hussain who has been serving in the Department for 23 years. From Pakistan, he can speak many languages and helps overcome communication barriers. He encourages other South Asians to apply to work in the department.

     Applicants must have completed secondary school and attained Level 2 or above in Chinese and English in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination or Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education. The starting salary depends on qualifications, but ranges from $15,660 to $16,590 a month.

     The first step in the recruitment process is a physical fitness test, so interested parties should be in good shape. Other recruitment procedures include an aptitude test and participation in a group interview. For details, click here.  


Tactics training:  Cadets learn to subdue prisoners who violate rules.


Target practice:  Cadets undergo weaponry training, including basic weapon handling, safety and shooting techniques.


Eye in the sky:  A cadet uses a security mirror to detect contraband at high locations.


Team spirit:  Foot drills help develop physical fitness and discipline. 



July 26, 2012