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Correctional staff stop suicide-related acts by inmates

     Correctional Officers stopped two inmates who were involved in suicide-related acts at their cells in Lo Wu Correctional Institution yesterday (January 21).

      At about 7.30pm, an officer spotted on a CCTV monitor that a 38-year-old female inmate was tying a bed sheet to the grille gate of her cell. The inmate posed as if hanging herself and put her head into the loop upon the arrival of the officer. The officer stopped the act immediately and called for reinforcement.

      At the same time, the officer found another 41-year-old female inmate at the same hall was also tying a bed sheet to the grille gate of her cell slowly and was posing as if she would hang herself. The inmate sat on her bed upon the arrival of reinforcement staff. Both inmates were conscious at the time and were sent to the centre hospital for medical examination and treatment.

      The 38-year-old inmate was subsequently sent to a government hospital for examination whereas the 41-year-old inmate remained at the institution. They will be followed up by the department's clinical psychologists later on.
      The 38-year-old inmate and the 41-year-old inmate were serving sentences for burglary and trafficking in dangerous drugs respectively.

Ends/Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Issued at HKT 17:20