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Tung Sin Education Fund

In a bid to support persons in custody to pursue education and vocational training through community involvement, the Department has set up a subsidy scheme, viz. the ‘Tung Sin Education Fund’ (TSEF) for two years starting from March 2016 with the start-up donation in the sum of HK$500,000 from Tung Sin Tan (TST) . In view of the success of the fund in encouraging the continuing education of persons in custody, the TST agreed in 2018 to make a total donation of $800,000 to continue funding the TSEF for carrying out a new scheme for a period of three years to provide financial assistance directly by the money donated to needy persons in custody to pay for education / vocational training course fees, public examination fees as well as procurement of textbooks, study aids and education resources.

The Department invites applications for financial assistance three times a year.


For enquiry, please contact the Secretary of the Fund, whose telephone number and address are as follows:

Name : Ms CHOI Man-wah
Telephone No : 2834 0706
Address : 4/F, Oi Kwan Court, 28 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
E-mail Address :