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Launching of Therapeutic Album: Women Who Shine Through the Wall: Therapeutic Drawings of Female Persons-in-custody

Launching of Therapeutic Album: Women Who Shine Through the Wall: Therapeutic Drawings of Female Persons-in-custody


Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind bars or how it feels to live behind the walls? Is it full of darkness? Is it filled with sadness, loneliness, fear, anger, bitterness or grudges?

In our work as clinical psychologists of HKCS with female PICs, the uniqueness of their psychological needs has been revealed. They are different from their male counterparts in terms of their higher frequencies of exposure to traumas and abusive experiences, mental disorders, self-harm behaviours, relationship problems and more. Their wounds and bleedings, both physical and mental, are obvious when they unveil their struggles and difficult past in psychotherapy.

Yet, regardless of their painful experiences, we believe these women are full of potentials. They could shine in the midst of darkness and through the walls, like the sun out there.

This album is a collective work of female PICs. They tell their stories through the drawings and show us their resilience despite the different adversities they are facing. The drawings represent their thoughts and feelings at various stages of psychotherapy. They are organized into three main themes, namely, suffering, transformation and positive changes. In “Suffering”, female PICs expressed the pain and tears of their lives. “Transformation” shows us their struggles and endurance when they made way out of darkness. In “Positive Changes”, these women illustrated the growth and changes they experienced after coming out of the dark. These themes echo the process of psychotherapy through which they left shadows of the past behind and were able to turn new pages once more.

The drawings in this album are created by female PICs of different nationalities. In order to facilitate their expression and enable readers to see their real inner world, the sharing of each story is presented in Chinese or English, according to the artist’s preference. Although personal details have been modified to protect their identities, the stories they share here are true to their hearts. They are kind enough to give their consent to publishing their stories because they long to be understood and wish to encourage a more accepting society for female PICs. With this album, we sincerely hope that readers would be inspired by their encouraging stories. If we are willing to seek help, fight on and determine to make changes, we will be able to emerge from whatever challenges we encounter with amazing resilience. No matter how bad the storm is, the sun will always shine again.