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Vocational Training Unit


Vocational training courses are provided for persons in custody to facilitate their smooth re-integration into the community. The principal objectives of vocational training are:

  1. Cultivation of work habit and discipline;
  2. Engagement in vocational hands on practical training;
  3. Acquisition of market demanded job skills;
  4. Gaining public-accredited qualifications; and
  5. Bridging to continuing vocational training, where appropriate.


Functions and Services Provided :

We help adult persons in custody obtain public accreditation and enhance their employability by  offering market-oriented training and trade tests conducted by external training bodies.  We also provide more than 40 market-oriented vocational training programmes to prepare them for employment after their release.

We provide half-day education and half-day vocational training for young persons in custody. At present, we provide them with around 20 vocational training programmes covering the construction, business and service industries, such as building services, office and commercial practice as well as food and beverage services. The trainees will also be arranged to sit for examinations held by the accredited bodies, such as the certificate examinations of the City and Guilds, the intermediate trade tests of the Construction Industry Council, and take certificate courses offered by various training bodies.